Who am I?

That answer is still under construction. For now I’m a third year student chipping away at a medical degree and trying to achieve what I can in the mean time.

Also; 800m runner, aunt to the most delicious one year old,  blogger, insta annoyance, self proclaimed hypocrit, copious amounts of coffee drinker and bit of a basic B. One however, who has been through basic hell and back. By basic hell I don’t mean spilling my almond milk flat white on my new rose gold MacBook, although that was a pretty rough day, I’m talking basic, everyday issues that they don’t prepare us for in school.

Issues that take a big fat physical, mental and emotional toll on us. I may not be qualified to talk shit to you about your body, your mind or your soul but I know I can help so I’m going to do it anyway. If my words help so much as one other person out there, I’ll be happy and hopefully that might get this hypocritical, basic b-i-t-c-h into heaven



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